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Niklas Roth

3D Generalist / CG Supervisor

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Niklas Roth
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Niklas Roth


my name is Niklas Roth. I am a 3D Generalist / CG Supervisor currently located in Berlin. I have over 8 Years of experience working as 3D artist in different media such as Film, advertisement, games and 3D visualization.

My background is modeling and
texturing, but I know most of the other aspects of a 3D-pipeline as well.

To be a 3D generalist is and always was really important to me.

If it is creating my own animation blocking, to build a simple rig or write my own script to optimize my or the work of my teammates.

I really enjoy being involved in all aspects of creating a 3D image. To me, it was always a great benefit to know the next step in the process and to keep the overview and not only my task.

Working and learning is for me one and the same thing, with each job or personal project I am a part of, I strive to extend my knowledge and improve my skills. My goal is always to push the quality of my work a step further, learning new techniques or software-tools as I go.

For the last couple of years, I have been lucky to work with fantastic teams and I have come to the realization that the ability to work and communicate well in a team is as important, if not more, than knowing a specific technical solution, a good team working well together can overcome any problem.

I am experienced with working under high pressure and have developed how I structure my techniques in order to get the desired results in the most efficient manner.

I am always looking for new challenges and inspiring projects where I can gain new experience and share my passion.

If you are interested in my work or working with me, feel free write to me via mail.

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