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Feature list:

  • auto group asset and put it under a locator

  • set pivot to  (bottom, center, top ,origin )

  • split object by material

  • convert mtl to VrayMtl

  • Combin Obj with same Mtl

  • Auto Name Object

  • Auto Name Shader

  • Freez Transformation(only grp chilled)

  • Delete history

  • Delete doubleshape

  • Reset object display attr

  • Move to origin

  • Delete vrayrender IDs

  • Delete unused uvsets

  • Delete display layer connections

  • Unlock normals

  • Set normal angel

  • Oadrangulate

Screenshot 2019-02-18 15.34.49.png


coming soon

Asset Setup Tool

I wrote this script to make the process of cleaning and preparing models easier and standardized.

At the time in the company I worked for we did a lot of architecture in Maya -.- and just introduced are new object library system.

That brought up a new and a long known problem.

The old problem was that nearly every arch-viz library or asset that you can buy is mad for Max or comes as an FBX what make preparing this models for render a tidies task that eats up a lot of time.

The new problem was while we were filling the library we realized that taking assets from older projects and clean them up so they can be used clean out of are library takes also way to much time.

So I wrote the Asset setup tool that would check all the common and repetitive problem we were running into and let it fix it for us.


The tool is designed so an artist can select the asset he wants to prepare, select the essential task he thinks he need the tool to run and press the button.

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