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BB Pipeline Toolset

BB Pipe is a project that I had in my mind for a long time. The idea was to create a set of tools that allows, to setup a project in Maya, automatically create the according folder structure and give artist a user-friendly interface to select projects and asset to work fast and clean.

The pipeline includes a publishing system, multiple tools to make sure that sharing assets is easy and clean and distributing new scripts and tools is easy and fast.

The tool was plant to support especially smaller studio environment that don't have the need to manage 100 of people, but 5 to 20.

It works with the Maya native project structure and extents it so that it is easy to use with bigger groups of people.

It not only Helps organizing you files, it also allows to set parameter for your default frame rate, units and render settings.

The pipe can be located on a network drive so all artist access to it, all that is need to install is to add and environment variable to the artist machine and place a .mod file in on of Maya's module locations. All that is done with a .bat file that makes the installation easy and fast.

Feature list:
  • auto setup new scene

    • frame rate

    • unit

    • blackback speed

    • rendersettings

  • Project Manager

    • creating new Project in Maya

    • Shot and Task based Strukture

    • Sub Tag system

    • ChanceLog

  • File Browser

    • select Project

    • select asset / shot

    • opene rencent asset / shot

    • file list

    • file commend function

    • previwe immage

    • file Details (user, date, size ...)

    • open file location in explorer

    • scene path

    • save / load / publish scene

    • open last publish

    • import / ref lookdev scene

  • Ref Manager

    • list of all published files

    • sort by asset / shot / Tag

    • version selection

    • Refference / Import Publish

  • custom Deadline Submiter

    • auto detect output folder

    • aouto detect Project folder

    • mulit camer submition

    • auto camera frame range

    • auto camera resolution

    • pre render light cache

    • use light cache

    • preset render Qullity

    • render Distributed

    • renderelements On/Off

    • render with maya 18 or 16

  • extende Ui Feature

    • maya main Window

      • pipeline shelf

      • pipeline menu

      • open Vray Rendeview button

      • setup scene Button

    • Hypershade

      • mtl to 2sidemtl btn

      • copy node settings btn

      • insert node tool

  • vrayProxy exporter

  • load / save custom Lookdev scene

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