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  • custom Deadline Submiter

  • auto detect output folder

  • auto detect Project folder

  • mulit camer submition

  • auto camera frame range

  • auto camera resolution

  • pre render light cache

  • use light cache

  • preset render Qullity

  • render Distributed

  • renderelements On/Off

  • render submiting to maya 18 or 16

  • all the needed deadline options

Screenshot 2019-02-18 16.56.17.png


coming soon

Render Submitter

I wrote the Render Submitter as part of a pipeline tool set for one of my Clients. It is a customized render submit that send job to Deadline.

After Submitting multiple scenes with multiple camera for an Architecture job. I got so frustrated that I wrote this tool. It was plant for a while but it needed this extra level of frustration to get my ass up and write it.


It Allows artist to submit multiple Cameras at the same time, automatic detects the correct output directory and send if needed first a light-cache job with a depending render job to the Farm.

It also detects the correct Camera frame range and resolution peer camera and a couple more handy tool, to make submitting renders even more fun -_-


This tool shorted the time to submit a scene with 12 cameras that needed light-caches, from 2 – 3 hours down to 10 minute’s. (I know what you think 2 -3 hours sounds a little bit over the top but believe me it was a huge pain and took ages )

Feature list:
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