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BB Pipeline Toolset

BB Pipe is a project that I had in my mind for a long time. The idea was to create a set of tools that allows, to setup a project in Maya, automatic create the according folder structure and give artist a user friendly interface to select projects and asset to work fast and clean.

The pipeline includes a publishing system, multiple tools to make sure that sharing assets is easy and clean and distributing new scripts and tools is easy and fast,

BlackBox UV

Maya mel based UV tool set to make the unwrapping process more enjoyable.

BBUV includes a collection of UV editing tools that makes unwrapping especially in older version then Maya 2019 way easier.

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Asset setup Tool

python script designed to make process external model or bought Models easy and fast.

The Asset Setup Tool includes a couple of important Check and tools that help to bring model into Production standards. Like split by Material, convert mtl to vrayMtl, auto rename, delete History, delete unused Uvsets and many more.

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Modeling ToolKit

(mel based) While I'm modeling I use a lot of technique and tool very repetitively so I decided to put them into one shelf that I can doc to the Maya UI.

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Render Submitter

I wrote the Render Submitter as part of a pipeline tool set for one of my Clients. It is a customized render submit that send job to Deadline.

Allows artist to submit multiple Cameras at the same time, automatic detects the correct output directory and send if needed first a light-cache job with a depending render job to the Farm.

It also detects the correct Camera frame range and resolution and a couple more handy tool, to make submitting renders even more fun -_-

BlackBox Library

Maya mel based Asset library.

fully Maya integrated Asset library

that allows you fast acces to your assets.


With a Maya internal Browser, search functionality and command function to make your asset even more easy accesable.

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